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Jana Mantel 09.11.2016
World music in the sound of the accordion: expressive Motion Trio at the Jazz am See festival. Motion Trio’s performance at the Jazz am See festival at Gnadenkirche Allensbach. To the delight of its audiences, Motion Trio knows very well how to build up tension in its compositions.
The Polish accordion trio, called Motion TrioFind albums by this artist, is one of the most intriguing musical ensembles active today, mostly acknowledged in the contemporary Classical sphere, but known also to cross over to other music areas, including Jazz. Founded in 1996 by Janusz WojtarowiczFind albums by this artist, who is the trio´s leader and primary composer of the original music they perform, the trio also includes Pawel BaranekFind albums by this artist and Marcin GalazynFind albums by this artist. Over time the Motion Trio turned out to be a most prolific recording act and this is their eleventh album since 2002.
Educating new generation:  Katharina Grundel, Alina Bröker and Leia Betting receive instruction from Janusz Wojtarowicz during Motion Trio masterclass.
Paweł Głowacki: SALONY
Janusz Wojtarowicz. Not alone, naturally. Wojtarowicz, Marcin Gałażyn, Paweł Baranek. Those three and not one more.
The Talents’ Week
Jowita Dziedzic-Golec - RMF Classic
Motion Trio, Mussorgsky. Prokofiev. Shostakovich.Khachaturian - Akordeonus Records
shz.de - Klaus Klaus
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Achim Krauskopf
NIENDORF Largely differs from what is usually associated with the accordion.
HAMBURG – Smell of lubricant and burned brakes.
Beate König
Altenhof. When Motion Trio performs, accordion in the hands of three virtuosos becomes a toy.
Bob Briggs
Michael Nyman - Films to Write Music To: Motion Trio, Michael Nyman Band, Michael Nyman (piano), Barbican Hall, London, 8 April 2009 (BBr)
Wacław Krupiński
After their concert in Potsdam with Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, the public awarded them with a 15-minute standing ovation.