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"ACCORDION STORIES" + The best of Motion Trio

Motion Trio Concert /world music – crossover/

An event which surprises with energy and spontaneity. The program of the concert includes pieces from the latest album "Accordion stories" and "The best of MT" - compositions which have been winning the fans’ hearts all over the world. Performed on the stages of the biggest jazz, rock or world music festivals in forty one countries in the world they arouse unrepeatable emotions.

The official website of the album "ACCORDION STORIES"

Performing “You Dance”, “Libertine”, Carrousel”, “Game Over” or other compositions included on “Metropolis”, “Pictures from the Street”, “Playstation” records - Motion Trio plays with music, surprises, amazes but first of all shows a mighty power of an accordion trio. Motion Trio Group breaks all the customs of a traditional way of playing the accordion. They show that instrument in an unconventional way using the so far undiscovered techniques of producing sound and acoustic or percussion effects without any electronics. Each ACCORDION FURIOSO concert is a unique encounter of Motion Trio with the audience.

The concert includes compositions by Motion Trio members, as recorded on :
“Pictures From The Street”,“Metropolis”, “Play – Station” and “Live in Vienna” CDs.
Total time: 1:20 – 1:40


1. THE ROSE /Janusz Wojtarowicz/ "ACCORDION STORIES"- Akordeonus Records /
2. HAPPY BAND /Marcin Gałażyn/ "ACCORDION STORIES"- Akordeonus Records /
4. THE HEART /Janusz Wojtarowicz/ "ACCORDION STORIES"- Akordeonus Records /
5. SUNRISE DANCE /Motion Trio/ "METROPOLIS"- Akordeonus Records /
6. BALCAN DANCE /Janusz Wojtarowicz /"PICTURES FROM THE STREET" - Akordeonus Records /
7. LITTLE STORY /Janusz Wojtarowicz /"PICTURES FROM THE STREET" - Akordeonus Records /
8. U DANCE /Motion Trio/"METROPOLIS"- Akordeonus Records /
9. LIBERTYN /Motion Trio/ "METROPOLIS"- Akordeonus Records /
10. CARROUSEL /Janusz Wojtarowicz/ "METROPOLIS"- Akordeonus Records /


Motion Trio Concert /classical music/

The concert includes works by greatest Polish composers such as :
F. Chopin, W. Lutosławski, K. Penderecki, H.M Górecki, W. Kilar, and others.
The pieces have been recorded on "CHOPIN" and “POLONIUM" CDs.
Arranged for the accordion trio by Janusz Wojtarowicz
Total time: 1:15 – 1:30

MP3 :

1. CHOPIN RHAPSODY - /F. Chopin/
- Prelude E-major Op.28 No.9
- Nocturne c-sharp minor Op.Posth No.20
- Prelude c-minor Op.28. No.20
2. BUKOLIKI - /W. Lutosławski/
- Allegro vivace
- Allegretto sostenuto
- Allegro molto
- Andantino
- Allegro marciale
4. ORAWA - /W. Kilar/


Motion Trio & a Symphonic Orchestra music performance
The concert includes compositions by Motion Trio members in orchestral arrangements by K.Dębski, J.P. Audin, and others.
The concert may also include works by: F. Chopin, D. Szostakowicz, W. Kilar.
Total time: 1:45 – 2:00 (a two-part concert)

MP3 :

"Sroka in Motion"

Motion Trio Concert

The project was developed together with Jacek Sroka and Jarosław Migoń and launched at Motion Trio’s birthday concert at the Krakow Opera in 2014.
The video projections, whose composition, colour and theme emphasise the emotions generated by the band during concerts, have been made on the basis of Jacek Sroka’s paintings. Each piece performed by Motion Trio is matched with mobile visualisations of selected paintings. The visual part of this performance was prepared by Jarosław Migoń. The camera, moving from the specific to the general, reveals minute details of each picture and shows them in a new perspective. Thanks to the motion inside the frame, the elements in the picture acquire a spatial dimension and create consecutive layers of its complex composition. This leaves the viewer - listener with unique impressions. The paintings blend with music to create one performance on stage and, by amplifying impressions, produce an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

Sroka in Motion was presented, among others, in Wrocław, Minsk, Świnoujście, Novosibirsk and the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lutosławice.

Official website "SROKA IN MOTION"