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The Polish accordion trio, called Motion TrioFind albums by this artist, is one of the most intriguing musical ensembles active today, mostly acknowledged in the contemporary Classical sphere, but known also to cross over to other music areas, including Jazz. Founded in 1996 by Janusz WojtarowiczFind albums by this artist, who is the trio´s leader and primary composer of the original music they perform, the trio also includes Pawel BaranekFind albums by this artist and Marcin GalazynFind albums by this artist. Over time the Motion Trio turned out to be a most prolific recording act and this is their eleventh album since 2002.
This album plays tribute to the four great Polish contemporary Classical composers, who achieved international fame and recognition, often more so abroad than at home: Witold LutoslawskiFind albums by this artist, Krzysztof PendereckiFind albums by this artist, Henryk GoreckiFind albums by this artist and Wojciech KilarFind albums by this artist. In addition they also play one composition by Wojtarowicz co-composed with accordionist Jacek HolubowskiFind albums by this artist, a member and primary composer of Acoustic AcrobatsFind albums by this artist, another excellent Polish ensemble. Also included, as a special track, is a composition by Marta PlaszynskaFind albums by this artist, a famous Polish composer living in the USA, dedicated to the trio. Polish Jazz pianist Leszek MozdzerFind albums by this artist guests on the Gorecki piece. The accordion is sadly a most mistreated and misunderstood instrument in contemporary music, usually associated with folklore, street music and other "low culture" phenomena by Classical music snobs. Very few music lovers understand the incredible wealth of the instrument, its limitless possibilities and the beauty of its profound sound. Therefore the fantastic exposure that the accordion is given by the Motion Trio is a most welcome occurrence of great musical importance. This, in addition to the sheer virtuosity and inventiveness of the trio members, is a guarantee of first-class musical experience, which this album offers. Although the unusual instrumentation may seem a bit strange in relation to the four compositions by the four Master composers, open-minded listeners will be very quickly completely absorbed in the new sonorities and re-discover these pieces in a new light, with undeniable delight. Of course playing such ambitious music speaks highly of the trio´s cerebral approach on one hand and emotional abilities on the other as far as keeping their minds open to a wide scope of music rather than thread on the easy path to success. During my recent meeting with Maestro Penderecki we discussed this album briefly and he wholeheartedly approved this specific interpretation of his composition, certifying his opinion in writing by autographing my copy of the album ;) As long as works of Art like this album are being produced, our Culture is still alive and kicking, but for how long, unfortunately no one can predict. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------