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Educating new generation:  Katharina Grundel, Alina Bröker and Leia Betting receive instruction from Janusz Wojtarowicz during Motion Trio masterclass.
Ascheberg Music School students – Katharina Grundel, Leia Betting and Alina Bröker have been successful accordionists for many years. They have just completed their masterclass workshop and given a concert which was received with an enthusiastic applause. Accordionists Katharina Grundel, Leia Betting and Alina Bröker have enjoyed great domestic and international success for many years now. The joy that they get from playing their instruments, their musical talents and hard work are just a few factors that contribute to their success. However, what is most important, is their motivation, which has been built and reinforced by their excellent teacher, Ruslan Maximovski of Musikschule Ascheberg. He keeps surprising his students with challenging “titbits” which whet their appetites for music, yet are still attainable, and therefore increase the students’ zeal and perseverance. And, as we read in a press release, each time Maximovski’s students perform, they invariably make an unforgettable impression on their audience. “We remember you very well,” were the words with which Ruslan Maximovski’s accordion students from Ascheberg and Unna were received by the organisers of the “Akkordiade“ 2. International Accordion Festival in Elmshorn. Ruslan Maximovski made possible his students’ meeting with the “Motion Trio“, an extremely successful Polish accordionist ensemble which has given concerts all over the world, including Tokyo, Shanghai, Chicago and Washington, and finally arrived in Elmshorn to participate in its „Akkordiade“ Festival. To listen to the talented artists during their live concert was no doubt an unforgettable experience. And, as the said press release goes on to say, it has also been a particular challenge for Katharina, Leia and Alina to listen to the artists’ criticism during the few hours’ workshop. The girls choose Stars, a piece by Paweł Baranek, which gives listeners a thrill of exploring the vast space of the universe. You can virtually feel stars twinkling, falling meteors, and black holes in the making. So much about the theory, yet how do you make accordion twinkle like a star? Is it possible at all? With this instrument? Katharina, Leia and Alina took the challenge. “Of course, I was a little afraid,” smiles Katharina Grundel on completion of the project. And what were the professionals’ comments? “I am impressed with your performance.” „You kept the rhythm, and I know it is extremely difficult to keep the rhythm in this piece.” Of course there have also been critical comments and instructions for improvement: “At first, it was a bit too rough, while it needs to be smooth” or “Your bass needs to be soft, very soft.” On the project’s completion, the composer complimented the accordion students: “It is the first time I have seen such young people having mastered my piece. I would have never done it when I was your age.” And compliments are known to have an uplifting effect, and to motivate both teachers, and students. In the Sunday’s final matinée, Katharina, Leia and Alina presented Stars to a wide public again, taking into account the artists’ instructions. The hall was all quiet, twinkling and glittering. And meteors were falling from the sky . . . Thunderous applause was a reward for the young accordionists’ hard work, and Ruslan Maximovski’s happy and proud students are now ready for another challenge…