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The Talents’ Week
For many years now the Talents’ Week has been commenced by the Great Return which is usually marked by a concert of a well known artist or group which at the onset of its carrier participated in the Week’s event. The widely recognized MOTION TRIO took part in this event in Tarnow first time in 2000. The three accordionists from Krakow: Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek, and Marek Gałażyn had already been well known and recognized; still their greatest success was yet to come. Today they are widely recognized and perform in the most renowned concert halls. Nonetheless, they found time to come to Kąśna Dolna and on 16th October inaugurate the jubilee, the thirtieth festival. In a wonderful Kąsna concert hall still called a “barn” perhaps only out of nostalgic groove – from Chopin and Kilar to pastiches of computer games. This alone proved a wide variety of performing possibilities of the musicians. The way the three artists interpreted this program exceeded my highest expectations. In case of MOTION TRIO it is definitely difficult to speak about three performers. Admittedly, each artist has a unique and forceful personality, brings in different features and values for the group, still from the very first sound they sound as one, some huge, triplex instrument of limitless performing possibilities. On Tuesday, they perfectly felt each other, ideally reacted for the finest suggestions of one another, they were swept with one pulse, breathe one breath. They delighted the senses with perfect musical sensitivity so vividly visible in the richness of tone colors, attention to every detail, diversification of types of sound, finest finishing of each phrase. The artists are endowed with rich imagination and fantasy, they know all about accordion and they can perfectly use this knowledge both in a humorous piece DJ Chicken (collective composition) – full of musical implications, as well as in hallucinatory Silanca by Janusz Wojtarowicz. Each of the ten pieces included in the programme (including encores) revealed yet another face of the group, although one could sense the predilection for repetitive music and Balkan rhythms. The whole programme was interesting, but the artists impressed me by their rendition of two pieces: Prelude in E minor, Op.28 by Chopin and Orawa by Kilar. Janusz Wojtarowicz as the arranger treated Chopin apparently liberally contemporary rhythmitizing its ostinate rhythm. Still he managed to save what is most important, namely the unique romantic and nostalgic mood of this piece and although I am not in favor of translating Chopin pieces which grew out of piano for other instruments, yet in this case I have to admit the justness of such rendition. I have already listened to Kiler’s Orawa several times and each time it is being performed differently. This time the combination of perfection and spontaneity brought about fantastic result. I have to admit I was a little bit worried about this concert.In Sumer I participated in Motion Trio’s concerts twice and I somehow got the impression of musicians suffering from burnout.