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Paweł Głowacki: SALONY
Janusz Wojtarowicz. Not alone, naturally. Wojtarowicz, Marcin Gałażyn, Paweł Baranek. Those three and not one more.
Forget it! They do not need even half of additional musician. Not an eye, finger, brain or even a tooth more for that matter. Wojtarowicz, Gałażyn, Baranek. Or : Gałażyn, Wojtarowicz, Baranek. Or: Baranek, Gałażyn, Wojtarowicz. Or: Matematics teaches: we have six possibilities at our disposal, but this is not the point. The thing is that regardless of the naming order when talking about Wojtarowicz, Baranek and Gałażyn – we will eventfully end up in the same underlying motif, the essence that can neither be removed nor excised – the word “unity". Unity, fullness, self-sufficiency, self-propelling structure, ideal coherence. Wojtarowicz, Gałażyn, Baranek - simply "Motion Trio" . Three playing on the extendable cupboards, by the professionals referred to as accordions. The three who are music. How can one sound sensibly after them? For example – how can one read poetry after listening to their music, the poems of Russian acmeists or symbolists for that matter? The answer is simple: exactly the way Anna Tomaszewska, Tomasz Międzik and Sławomir Maciejewski presentedit on the occasion of the latest event: Salon of Poetry. In a simply way – while reading aloud you have to be in the absolute harmony with the intonation of lyrical stories of others. Therefore, actors being in perfect harmony with the music of words and unerringly dancing with the accordionists undoubtfully in the state of notes blessedness – hence the unique lightness of the Sunday event. Subtlety, lightness, smartness, the harmony mentioned above. It was a great relief of listening. Neither too much of intonation, nor too little of emotion. What we had – was exactly enough to disdain the urge to tinker in an hour long verbal and musical faultless organism. Enough to remind of a crushing truth for the professional critics of all arts, declared by Josif Brodski out of inspiration of Anna Achmatova’s poetry. Namely: one does not cut the bird open to find a source of its singing. If anything needs to be cut open its our own ear.