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Beate König
Altenhof. When Motion Trio performs, accordion in the hands of three virtuosos becomes a toy.
For the half of their concert in Kuhhaus in Altenhof with the dazzling sounds of their own compositions and also Chopin interpretation, Polish musicians evoked standing ovation and cry for performing encore. Two button accordion and one accordion with piano-style keys, three noble Pigini instruments, in the hands of Marcin Gałażyn, Janusz Wojtarowicz and Paweł Baranek become acoustic multitools: Gałażyn operates the bellows from the front and the back, as if it was a cajon, he brings out crackling sounds from the edge, by blowing into the bellows it releases hurricane. Wojnarowicz’s blow without an air pressure releases rattle of a well oiled sewing machine. Baranek’s skilful fingers charm into being falling drops of rain. Tons deprived of vibrations, produced classically by touching button or a key are elixir for the ears. But even it this case, seeking experiment, the trio exacts maximum sound possibilities: power of organs, medieval sound of lyre, bagpipes, scratch, for Motion Trio anything is possible. Supportive source for techno sounds effect: microphone, which by blows of hand gives the “DJ Chicken” piece a desired rhythm. Chopin among the modern sound environments of a well thought program acts organically like the opposite pole: soulful trio brings melancholy out of the instruments and the wandering infinities, locating melodies in the space and time. Walc F-Dur, opus 34 no 3 in the Wojtarowicz’s interpretation works like a spa therapy. With a bossa nova incidental music the piece vibrates with a new power. The musicians react at the standing ovation received, with the facial expressions revealing both satisfaction and surprise, as if they wanted to tell us: It is only music!”.