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HAMBURG – Smell of lubricant and burned brakes.
The audience must pave its way with difficulties among the trains placed on the trestles to the three men, who form Motion Trio. In this place – a repair hall of the trains in Hamburg-Ohlsdorf – one could expect something special and unique. And Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek and Marcin Gałażyn (remember!) guarantee just this: accordion music in ironic styles, of innovative tone. They throw aside their tuxedo flaps, assume doleful face expression and brush aside nonexistent curl of hair from their foreheads – mocking over the dashing gestures of music virtuosos, just to intonate potpourri of Chopin piano works such as tango, a prelude, as a samba. However, it is of no importance whether it is going to be Chopin, Michael Nyman, or Wojciech Kilar – generally everything involves their own compositions, which the trio with great expressiveness and dramatic facial expression brings out from instruments in the repair hall of the fast train, and a night late in the hall of the Everswerft shipyard in Niendorf, from the instruments greatly underestimated in the world of classical music. And so the techno beats rumble and minimalistic repetitions resound which seem endless. The musicians are neither afraid of turmoil and dissonance nor of the harmonious triviality. Wojtarowicz, trio’s leader, as a master de plaisir bustles about his two colleagues, additionally transforming music into a motion and he immediately carries away the audience. Rousing applause on both evening concerts, for which all tickets were sold out.