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The opening concert of the 6th National Accordion Competition “Motion Music Festival”

The opening concert of the 6th National Accordion Competition “Motion Music Festival” which took place on the 15th of November at Wieliczka Campus was not a usual concert... It was an EVENT. It is only in this way that one can describe the magnitude and variety of musical experience which the hero of the evening, Motion Trio, provided.

Music is something that captures them to the end and the state of that “captivity” totally infected the audience who filled the campus hall.
The audience could not miss Rafał Ślęczka - the Vice-Mayor of Wieliczka, Marek Gabzdyl - the Headman of Raciechowice Municipality, Adam Marek Panuś - the Secretary of Wieliczka Municipality, Tomasz Machnik - a representative of the Department of Schools and Pre-Schools of the Town and Municipality of Wieliczka City Office and Wiesław Dudziński - an Inspector of the Artistic Education Center.

The charisma and musical sensitivity of Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek and Marcin Gałażyn infected twenty four young members of an accordion orchestra who originate from music schools in Czasław and Wieliczka. Together with their masters they played the premiere performance of “Joytunes - five dance miniatures” for an accordion orchestra composed by Motion Trio artists - Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek and Marcin Gałażyn in the program, “Composer’s orders” realized by the Institute of Dance and Music, which is a task subsidized by the Minister of Culture and Heritage from the financial means of Culture Promotion Fund. As Janusz Wojtarowicz mentioned, the title of that composition was to be a reference to the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of regaining independence and, at the same time, make the accordion as an instrument, its qualities and its versatility better known to young people. Joytunes appeared such a music piece in which, speaking in a musical jargon, there was really very much to play. Young accordion players, led and prepared Oskar Gut, who expressively conducted the orchestra,who are harmonious and alert to all nuances shown by the artists, managed the task perfectly. Each miniature of the cycle is a colorful, musical-dance image, the author of the visual layer of which is Joanna Styrylska - Gałażyn (computer realization - Jarosław Migoń). The first of the miniatures - “Little fanfares” sounded like an important, majestic accent, which could arise pride and joy from belonging to our country in the hearts of the listeners. It also inclines towards reflection, because, as Janusz Wojtarowicz mentioned, patriotism for him is not only waving the flag but looking at another man with attention and concern... “Accordiolonaise” (Akordeolonez), performed not so much pompously but maestoso, yet not deprived of a pinch of playfulness, was a reference to a Polish national dance, the rhythm of which is beaten in the heart of each Polish man. The third of the miniatures, “Bajanella” moved us into a completely different dimension, in which one could find the echo of tango beguine. The fourth miniature “Paweł i Gaweł”, especially appreciated by the audience, being a sound illustration of Aleksander Fredro’s poem abounded in repetitions symbolizing drops of water leaking through the ceiling and at the culmination in a veritable and planned cacophony which was created by the listeners together with the musicians in imitation of Gaweł. (performed as an encore). That wonderful, musical catastrophe was followed by a peculiar idyll which was a miniature closing the cycle called “The last day at school”. Joy and sound nugacity both with the title itself bringing hope into the hearts of many disciples influenced the whole audience. June will come eventually...
The second part of the concert was pure magic created by Motion Trio themselves. By music, which looks for new sounds. We heard compositions from the last record of the group entitled Accordion Stories: Quetschkommoden Overture, The Heart, Happy Band (with fantastically arranged elements of Dixieland music), The Rose (with participation of a special guest, a violinist, Zbigniew Paleta) - that piece which is lightsome in its simplicity but emotional at the same time comes from the film “Happiness of the world” for the music to which Motion Trio was awarded the main prize at the last Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The youths expressed particular enthusiasm in the reception of the composition U-Dance, which does not lack references to electronic and dance music underlined by percussive special effects achieved on the accordion. At the end the audience, who would not freely allow the artists to leave the stage, were given a subtle, full of dynamic and expressive nuances arrangement of Prelude in E-minor Op.28 No 4 by Frederic Chopin. The choice and interpretations of musical pieces by Motion Trio seemed to have created a journey to the world of emotions, from joy through sadness, thought, nostalgia, harmony, all of those states which accompany us every day at various stages of life. They are musical stories in which each of us may find a part of ourselves...

Such numerous presence of audience at the opening concert of the 6th National Accordion Competition “Motion Trio Festival” is certainly a proof for incessant “search” of their own self through music with the accordion being their guide in that case. The accordion, the sound possibilities of which sent more than one of those present into admiration and amazement...
Anna Kozłowska