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The concert promoting the new MOTION TRIO record “Accordion Stories” containing 11 pieces by Janusz Wojtarowicz, Marcin Gałażyn and Paweł Baranek finished with a standing ovation.

In the first part of the concert the group presented the musical pieces from the “Accordion Stories” album while in the other the musicians performed the ones from “The Best of Motion Trio”. The evening was also an opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Motion Trio’s presence on the stages of 41 countries worldwide. We would like to thank our great audience, our trusted fans from all over Poland, France and Russia for an unrepeatable atmosphere.
The concert was directed by Jarek Migoń, who was the author of video visualizations as well. Visualizations of musical pieces used the paintings by Lola Styrylska-Gałażyn. The concert was hosted by Wacław Krupiński while the video recording was made by 8 video cameras in HD technology thanks to the co-operation with Perfect Film Company (special thanks to Jerzy Charuza and his team).
Production: AKORDEONUS/grafiQa/Group 6 Film Production.
Special credit for Dominik Lichota for a great realization of vision.
More information about the record: www.accordionstories.pl

Visit the photo gallery with pictures by Bogumił Krużel AF Raster/ FOTOZON :