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MT at the opening concert of the festival “La Folle Journée” in Nantes, France.

Motion Trio had great pleasure in performing at the opening concert of one of the biggest music festivals in the world - “La Folle Journée” in Nantes, France.

The subject of this year’s edition of “La Folle Journée” is “Le rythme des peuples”, i.e. in free translation - the dance. As René Martin, the artistic manager of the Festival, said in Warsaw a few months ago, “and it is not the dance performed by dancers. (...) in the history of classical music the dance, and the folk dance in particular, has always played a very important role. Listening carefully to famous concerts and symphonies we can find elements of dance everywhere. Folk tradition has had immense influence on the output of all composers”. LE RYTHME DES PEUPLES at “La Folle Journée de Nantes” is the 23rd edition of the festival in France. In May The Crazy Days of Music are going to seize a few Japanese cities and in September they are moving to Russia. The final will take place in Warsaw as usual on the turn of September and October.