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Jana Mantel 09.11.2016
World music in the sound of the accordion: expressive Motion Trio at the Jazz am See festival. Motion Trio’s performance at the Jazz am See festival at Gnadenkirche Allensbach. To the delight of its audiences, Motion Trio knows very well how to build up tension in its compositions.
“It is a unique experience – and not just for the fans of the accordion!”, said Sabine Schürnbrand, a director of Kulturbüro Allensbach and organiser of the festival meetings of Jazz am See, one day before the concert of Motion Trio (Janusz Wojtarowicz, Marcin Gałażyn, Paweł Baranek) at the evangelical church Gnadenkirche Allensbach. Indeed, it was a memorable experience. The church was filled to the brim, the audience was frenetic in its reception of three Poles, known for the incredibly dynamic character and convincing emanation of their music, who spent 80 minutes on stage releasing unbelievable sound from their accordions in an absolutely unique manner. “We are happy we can meet here, in Allensbach, again after ten years and I must admit you are in an excellent shape!”, joked Janusz Wojtarowicz when welcoming the audience. Following the motto of the trio’s founder, the accordion “has a special kind of a soul because you have to hold it close to your body and feel it”. Himself, he started to play the instrument under the guidance of his father when he was six. “I am addicted to the accordion”, he says. And, as a result, the trio has been active for 20 years now. On stage, the musicians almost blend with their heavy instruments, 15 kilos each, to become one entity while there is always tension in the room. The pieces, mostly composed by the artists themselves, are difficult to label and may be categorised as a combination of jazz, klezmer music, folk, tango and the Balkan sound. World music is probably the best description. Their unique compositions reveal their structure in a slow, albeit coherent, way until they reach the climax in an astonishing finale, reminiscent of a fireworks show. The listeners, who find it hard to sit still during such pieces as the “Balkan Dance”, award the artists with standing ovations at the end of each concert. “These moments on stage before the enraptured audience, are just one of a kind, marvellous!”, said Janusz Wojnarowicz thanking the fans on behalf of Motion Trio at the end of the performance. The audience left the church feeling spiritual and delighted that they could be a part of the event.