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Internet based shop operating  at www.motiontrio.com is run by the company AKORDEONUS, entry in the register of economic activity no. 5687/2004 in Kraków on November 17, 2004, Tax Identification Number NIP 944-107-12-87, Statistical Number REGON 356887875, seat in Kraków, address: ul. Bobrowa 36.

1.The shop sells merchandise via Internet network.

2.Orders are accepted at www.motiontrio.com. As soon as the order is placed the customer gets an e-mail message confirming that the order reached the shop.

3.Order processing begins the moment the shop gets e-mail message from the customer confirming order placement.

4.Order will be fulfilled on condition that ordered goods are available in the warehouse or from the shop suppliers. If some of the goods from an order are not available the customer is informed about such a fact and decides about the way such an order should be fulfilled (order can be partially fulfilled, cancelled or awaiting time can be extended)

5.Limited number of goods is available for sale or for promotional offers, thus orders shall be fulfilled in the sequence they are placed and confirmed while stock for sale or promotional offer lasts.

6.VAT invoice can be issued upon customer’s request. VAT invoice is issued  the moment when goods ordered by the customer are assembled and ready to be sent.

7.The customer can introduce changes into his/her order until invoice is prepared. The customer can cancel his/her order until the moment the goods are sent. An order to introduce the above mentioned changes the customer should contact via  Customer Service or shop@akordeonus.com.

8.All the prices are in EURO (Polish currency), VAT included. The price listed with every merchandise is binding at the moment of order placement. The shop reserves the right to change prices of merchandise in the offer, introduce new goods to the offer as well as  organize promotional sales at the shop’s website or introduce changes in the promotional offer.

9.The orders shall be fulfilled within three working days from the moment payment is entered into the books.

10.The goods are delivered by Polish Post – priority shipment, delivery time 2-7 working days. Price-lists as well as  delivery rules and regulations of Polish Post shall remain binding.

11.The customer can choose the following payment methods: transfer, on-line or payment through PayU service.

12.Pursuant to the Act on March 2, 2000 On Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on Liability for Damage Made by a Dangerous Product  the customer can resign from the goods purchased in our shop within ten days from the date the shipment was received. Resignation is possible only if the goods were not used, copied or damaged in any way. Returned goods must be complete. The goods with factory protection against opening cannot be returned if the protection cellophane, box or protective devices were destroyed. CDs and DVDs must be returned in original, intact package (cellophane not removed, box not destroyed).
Returned goods should be sent together with the invoice / receipt printed and filled in return form DOWNLOAD RETURN FORM
The shop guarantees money return in the amount equal to the price of goods. The money shall be returned within 5 working days through bank transfer to the account designated by the customer or through money order form to the address designated in the order. The costs of return shipment is not reimbursed.

13.Lodging a complaint. In case of mechanic damage which occurred in transport or in case of complaints directed  to the seller, the customer should sent faulty merchandise by post  to the address of the shop: AKORDEONUS, 30-381 Kraków, ul. Bobrowa 36. The shop does not accept any mail sent where the recipient has to pay mail charge.
Returned goods should be sent together with the invoice / receipt printed and filled in return form DOWNLOAD RETURN FORM The complaints are investigated within 14 days from the day the shop had received shipment with the merchandise in question. In case of justified complaint faulty merchandise shall be repaired or exchanged. If repair or exchange is impossible (for example the merchandise is out of stock) the shop shall return to the buyer   equivalent to the purchase price or shall offer some other  merchandise available at the shop. The costs of shipment of faulty merchandise are returned immediately if the complain is accepted.
Differences in the appearance between the goods supplied and the goods ordered which were seen on the web site of the shop do not give grounds for complaint as such differences may result from different parameters of customer’s monitor.

14.Sales contract is concluded between the Customer and company AKORDEONUS, address: 30-381 Kraków, ul. Bobrowa 36. Important provisions of the contract are preserved, secured and rendered available in the printed version of the contract delivered to the customer together with VAT invoice.

15. The sales contract is concluded between the Customer and the Akordeonus Company, 30-381 Kraków, ul. Bobrowa 36. The administrator of voluntarily provided personal data is the Akordeonus Company. Personal data will be processed in order to ensure the possibility of using the Online Store and for marketing purposes of the data administrator. Please be advised that, apart from entities authorized under the law, the collected personal data will not be shared. Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to implement the above-mentioned goals.
Before the final confirmation of the order, it is necessary to accept the terms of the contract.

16.The competent court of the place where the defendant has the seat or court of the place where the contract has been carried out shall have jurisdiction in any action arising out of the contract.